Ann Van Neer

Team member

With a background in communication and journalism, Ann started working in 2008 as Sales & Marketing Assistant at Helioscreen, a weaver of coated glass fibre fabrics for solar shading. Because she had to compile all the technical data for the collection books, she became interested in the science behind the solar shading. 

As her knowledge grew, Ann became the go to person for colleagues, customers and architects when it came to questions about the thermal and visual characteristics of screen fabrics.

In 2016, Helioscreen asked her to become their representative in the Technical Working Group of the Belgian trade association for solar shading and roller shutters VEROZO. One thing lead to another and now Ann is also a member of several committees within the European Solar Shading Organisation ES-SO. She also participated in the CEN expert group that revised the standards on thermal and visual comfort EN 14500 and EN 14501.