• Every sales person has their own way of doing things but we can always improve. Sharing good practice is what this course is about. For this task we would like you to enter this forum and write a few short sentences about how you start a sales pitch.

  • What is your experience with sealed glass shading solutions. Have you come across them often? What kind of age have you seen them get too? Was the original customer wrongly sold the unit? We would like to entertain a discussion on our forum about these products to get and share a better understanding of them.


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    Give an example of how you typically explain the benefits of Motorisation and sell a motorised shading solution. Don’t forget to comment on others answers.

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    Other students would benefit from your experience with folding doors or Awnings. Give an example of one of your customers and how you used or could have used the information in the video to sell a better product. Don’t forget to comment on the other students work.

  • For this task you should find a range of products that you have researched as being sustainable. Explain what evidence you have found and why the product is sustainable.

    Don’t forget to comment on other students findings too.


  • Share the links that you found or that you use here of the colour rendering index and don’t forget to comment on the other students links.

  • Consider what type of modelling softwares your customers are familiar with. Which ones are the most popular and which ones not so. Are there softwares that the customers use that consider shading in a positive way? Write your answers in the forum as it will be interesting to see your experience and see if there is a pattern. Don’t forget to…[Read more]

  • Give a few examples of why shading has not been adequately considered. Write your answers in this forum and compare them to other students. You might also want to write roughly what percentage of  building designers use building modelling tools and then how many consider shading in the calculations.  It will be interesting to see if you hall h…[Read more]

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    Hi Luc, thank you for sharing and registering with the course! good luck!

  • If you choose to create a diagram upload it to the forum with a small explanation. We suggest asking your website developer to upload the image to their server and provide you with a URL. You can then use that URL on our blog by clicking on the IMG button and then inserting the image. Don’t forget to give constructive feedback on the other images.

  • What is the easiest way to explain different angles and different seasons. can it only be done with a diagram? If you know a good way of explaining it then please share it in our forum.

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  • You need to write down five key phrases that you might use in order to explain the benefits of dynamic shading when discussing overheating. Feel free to comment on each others phrases.

  • We would really appreciate you explaining in the forum below how you previously explained overheating (the methods you used) or if you neglected to explain it, why you did. Also who you would typically have to explain it to, customer, colleague or someone else. Sharing this knowledge will help us all have a better understanding of the industry.…[Read more]

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    Here is an opportunity for you to ask questions and our industry moderators will get back to you soon.

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    Understanding the spectrum is the basis of everything we do in the industry, we design, manufacture and install devices that are based on the science explained in the video. Fo the main activity it is important that you can explain the science behind solar gain to anyone in or outside the industry.

    • Create a script with diagrams  that you…

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    Write down which of the benefits you hope to get most out of. Don’t forget to introduce yourself!