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    ES-SO Academy is a project created by ES-SO. All courses created by industry experts.

    ES-SO Academy has training programs for ES-SO member companies. Students have two options:

    • Smart solar shading advisor
    • Smart solar shading expert

    The ES-SO Academy training program is an initiative started 2018. With two main training courses addressed to different groups of solar shading experts.


    Retail solar shading companies have direct contact with consumers. Consumers searching for the right smart solar shading solution in their homes. To explain the benefits of Smart Solar Shading a training program exists. Students that take the courses concluded with a test receive a certificate. This is in a group effort with its national member association.

    Interested to have your staff trained to Smart Solar Shading advisor level? If so, sign up to our online or face to face course.


    Companies producing Smart Solar Shading need to have their staff trained. This demonstrates the added value of Smart Solar Shading solutions. There must be a knowledge of other technologies such as glass and HVAC. Experts have to decide on the best solution for a given project. They must be able to demonstrate the Smart Solar Shading benefits. Especially in building modelling. The ES-SO Smart Solar Shading expert level involves two days of training. Successful students are then ES-SO Smart Solar Shading Experts. This is in joint effort with the national member association.